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Make $$$$ per week... with email marketing

This stategy is broken down into 6 easy to follow steps. Many of you may already be familiar with the first 3 and others may be familiar with one or more of the steps provided below.

The concept is very straight forward. In order to succeed in the internet marketing business, you need to have a niche targeted buyers list, you need to know where to get it , how to grow it every day, and how to monetize from it.
In order to build a list you first need to have 3 important elements: your autoresponder service, a great free product to give, and a killer optin squeeze page.

The second thing you need to have are niche targeted viewers that will see your free offer and sign up on your optin page. You need to expose your optin page where you can get a constant flow of visitors that will result in constant email sign ups, and a constant growth of your list. This program will show you where to get that constant flow of visitors.

And the third thing you need to have in order to MONETIZE from this niche targeted list, is a load of blockbuster products with proven convertions that will pay you a 50% commission or more on each sale.

1.find a PLR ebook to give away and go build your own site to place it.
Squeeze page example: http://oi50.tinypic.com/2usy2at.jpg

2.Sign Up To An Autoresponder Service And Create An Optin Form

You are going to need an E-mail Autoresponder. You can use any autoresponder that you may already be subscribed to. If you don't have one yet, i recommend Aweber as one of the best autoresponders available on the web.

3.Get Niche Targeted Viewers

Ok, so you now have your optin squeeze page all set up and ready to start receiving subscribers. What you need now is traffic - niche targeted traffic - that will translate into subscribers to your list.

But where to get it?

Most of the time, anybody who creates an optin squeeze page will have to implement various marketing techniques and SEO strategies to get people to see their free offer and capture emails.

This translating into two things: too much marketing effort to grow a somewhat decent size list or live with the fact of having a very slow growing list, which happens in most of the cases.

Luckily, there is a very well thought-out practice that allows us to grow our lists at tremendous rates with little to no effort: it is called List Swapping or Ad Swapping.

The concept of ad-swapping is very simple: For a given day, you will send out to your list an email provided by a swap partner and that same day your swap partner will send out your email to his list.

And if your email that is sent out to the other swap member's list has none other than a link to your optin squeeze page, guess what? You will be able to get a substancial number of new susbcribers at no cost.
And you can schedule to swap with many members every month and have a consistent number of new niche targeted subscribers.

You can find ad-swap partners in the Warrior Forum Joint Venture board, you may be able to find many good swappers, but you may also find ad-swap partners who do not deliver on the clicks they promise. So just be careful who you swap with.

I particularly recommend to use Safe-Swaps because it keeps track of list ratings and average clicks each swapper's list can deliver. Also it is the largest ad swap community in the world. With more than 3000 ad swap partners, where you will easily find partners whether your list has 50 or 500,000 subscribers.


Buy Solo Mailings (Only do this if you don't have a list. We recommend not to spend more than 10% of your budget on this.

Solo mailing is the easiest way to get hundreds of visitors to your site immediately. If your list is small, you can easily add a few hundred subscribers in just one day.Solo mailings work identically as ad swaps, but you have to pay for a mailing because you don't have a list to send out your partner's email. The other person sends your swipe to his subscribers and you pay for advertising.

4.Grow Your List Every Day

Ad swap is a term used for a way to build a mailing list. What you do is find people with a mailing list and make an agreement that they will mail out your ad and you will mail out their ad… therefore is the term: ad-swap…Now, your ad copy (we call it swipe) is mailed to a crowd that does not know you. That crowd is familiar with the person who mails them. They respond because they know that person, and they respond because they may be attracted by your offer.

Why do ad swaps?
Participating in ad swaps can make you more money without having to pay more. You will get free advertisement for your product or website and the only thing in return that you have to do is to advertise the other publisher on your list.

5.Get Blockbuster Products To Sell

Sign up to Warrior Plus to access WSO Affiliate Links (You get paid commissions instantly through Paypal)

Want to earn some great commissions by promoting Warrior Special Offers (WSOs)? This is the place for you!The WSO Pro affiliate system works very similar to the popular RAP (Rapid Action Profits) system. What this means is that payments for sales are alternated between the seller and the affiliate, according to the commission rate.
The greatness of all this, is that your comission gets deposited in your PayPal account as soon as the sale occurs. You DON'T have to wait for that money to come around 15 days later!
Once you have chosen the offers you want to promote, it's time to prepare the email letters with your affiliate links.

6.Start Sending Sale Offers To Your List

First of all, you have to read the offers yourself and grasp the phrases that got stuck in your mind when you read it.
So, open your notepad and start copying the powerful impact sentences used. Add some personality to them, and don't be afraid to be edgy at times.

I noticed that using formalities and nicely said phrases resulted in less opens and zero sales. Where as the emails that had a spice of scinicism were opened over 50% more.Here are simple examples of these email titles:

"I PEED ON MY PANTS when I saw this for $9.95!"
[NO WAY!!!] NO Work, Just INCOME...
$3,000 with "BUY ME A BEER"???
(Cool video) SHOCKING traffic source Makes You $1,022 a Day!

Can you already see which ones caught your attention right away? That is the effect you want to create inside your readers email inboxes.One more thing, when writing email subject lines try to give impact to your words by using some capitals, brackets, parenthesis, etc.

Now, the email body: try to keep it short and simple. I don't want you to spend a lot of time on this. Actually give more thought to the Subject Line, because that is what is going to make the difference whether the email gets opened or not.
Try to keep the email body simple, write just as if you had just picked up the phone to tell a friend about this one special offer you just found.

Scheduling Your Sales Letters and The Swaps

Now this is always a controversial issue and many people have mixed thoughts about this. I totally understand everyone's point, but this is what has been working for me.
Many people say to email your list every 2 or 3 days.
Others say to email every single day.
I say (without remorse) email twice per day.
...and I know it is pushing the line quite to the extreme, but I like working this way and it has given me results.This is why, I want to build my list as fast as I can, and the only way to do this is by swapping my list with others every single day.By doing this I am sure to see a significant number of new subscribers on my list every single day and my list just keeps growing.

The decision is up to you, and you can certainly test and tweak it.

Build your list, never ever stop building your list and bringing new and fresh visitors to your offers.

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