Rabu, 05 September 2012

How to get 200k real pinterest followers and make big $$ no BS

Hey everyone
Currently i am contributor to more than 30 pinterest boards having about 300k+ real pinterest followers, i have full access to them and in most of the time my pins go viral getting 100's of repins..
The best part is these boards are getting about 1000+ new followers daily ... duh

Step 1: Fill your profile with a lot of pins, you should make yourself look like a pinterest fan..
I usually go to repinly find top pinner open their boards make my own similar boards and then just repin all interesting stuff from their boards to mine..
People usually feel good to follow person with 1000+ pins , so you should have 1000+ pins you can also outsource this step

Step 2: Start following, again open top pinners open their followers, start following people with 300+ pins because there is more possibility that they will be active...
Follow atleast 1000

Step 3: Start making people contributor to your boards, go to your one of the board hit settings and there will be space under make contributor, start adding people alphabetically, enter letter A , add all having their names starting with A and move on ..
Add atleast 1000 and usually 300+ will join...
(Note: you can only add people to whom you are following , that's why you have to follow people)
These contributors will start adding pins, repins , likes , comments..
You will start getting popular and will start having couple of followers daily...
But this is not the deal..
Actually you have shared your authority by making them contributor, in most cases they will make you contributor to their boards in return, and some times their boards have massive followers, which happened with me!!

Step 4: start sharing ebay/amazon affiliate links and make big $$$$ Cool but do not spam...
Women clothing , apparel and similar stuff do really well....

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