Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

HOW TO make x,xxx $/month Facebook Fan pages and Viral Techniques!!!

Hey there my friends,
so here I'm back on blackhatworld proudly presenting you my method on how to make cash with facebook fan pages!

Alright I'm going to show you what you have to do assuming you guys know the basics of facebook and fanpages

Lets sum it up first what this is about so in case you are not that interested you can skip to another thread on here :P :

The key is to use a viral app, a "like locker" and an existing fan page with a fair amount of users to start with (start up traffic)! I'm going to cover each one of the steps needed to build your own small empire

1. Buy a fan page or team up (there are many here willing to do a Joint Venutre) or even build up your own lil fan page from scatch (assuming you have the patience ) The more users who are liking that fan page, the BETTER.
CAREFUL if you are buying fan pages from people you don't know coz the way you treat the fan pages is important in order to make money off of them! If the fan page u have is being used for spamming them with CPA offers etc. the compliance of the users there will be fairly low!

2. Build another fan page. It can be about anything - my hints: stuff which is fun or entertaining is always a good choice

3. Get a good viral application. Also a hint here: Use applications which are social and also entertaining! Be innovative with your choice, don't take that standard shit which facebook users have all been seeing already! I'm currently one using which is fairly fun and new and thus it's going viral as crazy! You can also look for guys on here having apps to team up with them or contacting facebook app developers

4. You will implement your app in the fan page. Your app should have implemented that if the user is not part of the new fan page he will be redirected to the fan page and like it first in order to play with your tiny lil app

5. Go to lifestreetmedia (which is ACCEPTED by facebook), which is a good alternative to CPA - you will be paid by the amount of users visiting and playing with your app ..so you implement a banner or some other advertisement stuff in your app [you can of course use CPA as well if you wish]

6. Start posting the link to your app on your FIRST fan page where u have already enough visitors. Keep in mind to repost the same link from time to time again since the time for most people to be online varies of course

You will cash out a good amount and then you can reinvest and the users on your fanpages will grow exponentially with every time you apply this method to your fan pages! just try it and you will see what i'm talking about !

Have fun making money

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